Cosmetic Case Planning & Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is designed not only to restore the functional and structural integrity of the teeth and gums but also to restore a more natural appearance and enhance the beauty of a smile. Unlike purely corrective periodontal therapies, cosmetic procedures focus as much on esthetics as on function. Part of the desired result is improving the self-confidence and image of the patient while correcting any dental defects.

Patient's are often self-conscious of their smile when too much or too little of the gums show. They can be shy of their appearance because of teeth that are badly stained, chipped or poorly aligned. They may be shy of opening their mouth due to missing or damaged teeth. For someone with these conditions looking to improve their appearance there is often a cosmetic surgical remedy. The excellent byproducts can be improved function, better overall dental health and a better ability to eat well.

Dr. Leaderman can offer a number of procedures to help correct cosmetic conditions and problems. We have an excellent team of dental hygienists to assist in periodontal dental cleanings and instruction in care.

There are crown lengthening procedures to appropriately prepare for new tooth restorations. There are contouring surgeries when gum lines are uneven or where gum tissue has overgrown. We can help rebuild bone and prepare missing tooth sites for new implants. Working with other dental specialists we can help patients fulfill their health and cosmetic needs.  

Dr. Leaderman will work closely with your dentist to design a cosmetic case plan that will enhance your smile.